DNA Performance Full System - Maverick X3

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The DNA Performance full turbo back exhaust with electronic cutout comes with a downpipe from the turbo with cat delete which is required by most aftermarket tunes and keeps a straight through flow.  It will also come with not one but two 02 Bungs for your OEM narrowband sensor plus an aftemarket wideband 02 sensor for further datalogging.  In the closed position the exhaust will flow through the muffler and out one of the exhausts. From the cockpit of the X3 you can switch your new exhaust to open which will switch a vacuum actuated valved and be straight piped. This will give you a straight through flow as well as really open the sound up and let you hear the sound of the whistle of that turbo you paid all your hard earned money for!
  • 2.5" Stainless pipe
  • Full turbo back exhaust
  • Cat delete downpipe
  • Electronic open dump cutout
  • Switch with wiring harness
  • 02 bung for stock sensor with 2nd bung for wideband sensor


(No reviews yet) Write a Review