Here at RNR Manufacturing LLC, we are dedicated to bringing the best products to consumers at a price that is affordable for all.

We are a small home-based business that is taking great ideas and turning them into products that be enjoyed by all enthusiasts. Every product that is manufactured by RNR from start to finish is built with pride to show the quality and detail, while still being affordable. Robert and riley chentfant work side by side to make sure efficiency is met without sacrificing the details in the products. Every aspect of the business is handled by us and we continue to strive for better.

We at RNR Manufacturing LLC put U.S.A. made materials and goods first to create true U.S.A. made products!


Robert Chentfant - Owner

Designer & Builder

Providing a product is not only fulfilling somebody's want, but it is also sharing a commonality of great ideas and likes with others. We are all good at doing something and providing something that will help someone else in some form. We just need to figure it out and stick with it.


Riley Chentfant - Co-owner

Media & Advertisement

Creating a simplistic digital webspace and focusing on customer service are key points that RNR prioritize for our customers via online and over the phone. Feel free to send and questions or suggestions for us to help ideas come to life.